[Time Change] 10/13 (Sun) "Sai-Fi: Science and Fiction Imagination of Science Fiction x Science & Technology." FUJISAKI Shingo, LIU Cixin, and UEDA Sayuri


We will change the schedule to avoid the influence of typhoon number 19.

The event will be held from the afternoon of the 13th. There will be no reception (social gathering) after the lecture. If there is any further change, we will inform you by the night of the 12th of the previous day according to the operation status of JR.

The AIxSF Project will co-host the following events with Saitama University on Sunday, 10/13.

"You can apply here. Application period: August 20 (Tuesday) - Friday, September 6 (Monday)"

*Saitama University Celebrates 70 Years of Foundation ◆ [Sunday, October 13] Guide to the Liberal-Arts Consecutive Symposium

The Saitama University College of Liberal Arts and Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences will hold the "Saitama University 70 Anniversary Commemorative Liberal-Arts Series Symposium." from January to November 2019 to commemorate the 70 year anniversary of Saitama University.
The 5th symposium will be entitled "Sai-Fi: Science and Fiction SF Imagination x Science & Technology.", and we will invite as guest speakers Shingo Fujisaki, a graduate of Saitama University's College of Liberal Arts who is currently working as a science journalist and science fiction writer, as well as Professor Liu Chih-hsin, the first Asian science fiction writer to win the Hugo Award, and Professor Ueda Soseuri, science fiction writer, as follows.

Date & Time: Sunday, October 13 (Sat) 10:20 to 17:20 (Open at 10 o'clock) 12:30 to 18:30 (Open at 12 o'clock)
Venue: The meeting room of the Daigakukan on the third floor of the Daigakukan Hall of Saitama University
Applications before application requirements (Number of positions: 180)

Please fill out the application form (Scheduled for release on this website on Thursday, August 8.) and send it to the e-mail address or FAX address on the application form.
Application period: August 19 (Monday) - Friday, September 6 (Monday)
*Please note that applications made before Sunday, August 18 will be invalid.
*If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, a lottery will be held.
The result of the lottery will be mailed to the winner by Friday, September 20.

Contents Chair: YAMAZAKI Keiichi (Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University).

1st section 10: 20 ~ 12: 00 12: 30 ~ 14: 10
Welcoming Mr. FUJISAKI Shingo (Science journalist and science fiction writer)
Lecture "Between science and liberal arts - the origin of life as an example"

2nd section 13: 00 ~ 15:10 14: 40 ~ 16: 20
With Mr. LIU Cixin (science fiction writer)
Panel Session 1 "Relationship between science fiction and technology policy in China"

3rd section
With Ms. UEDA Sayuri (science fiction writer) 15: 30 ~ 17:20 16: 40 ~ 18: 30
Panel Session 2 "Science fiction imagination of Japan, China and Asia"
Sponsored by Saitama University, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Co-organizer JST RISTEX HITE Update on imagination: Artificial intelligence design fiction (President: Hirotaka Ōsawa)
Challenging Research Funding (sprout) "Interdisciplinary Research on Interconnection and Transformation of Stories, Bodies, and Images - Construction of Ethnomedia" (Representative Keiichi Yamazaki)
Cooperating with Hayakawa Shobo

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