We will hold public session at Tsukuba Conference.

Human-agent interaction is growing area for modeling interactions between human and artificial machinery. An agent is an object or technology that people interact with as if it is able to act with its own purposes, motivations, and intentions. People attribute agency to many things and technologies in their everyday lives, which is a common area of research, for example, with robots, virtual characters and video games, virtual reality, smart cars, and so forth. This area covers several multiple areas including engineering, design, and humanity. We will conduct a open-workshop to discuss how human-agent interaction will extend our future life, based on power of imagination.


  • Omar MUBIN West Sydney University, Senior Lecturer
  • Mohammad OBAID UNSW Art and Design, Lecturer
  • Hirotaka Osawa University of Tsukuba, Assistant Professor
  • MIYAMOTO Dohjin PhD student in the University of Tokyo JST RISTEX HITE "Updating Power of Imagination: Artificial Intelligence with Design Fiction",


  1. 13:30-14:00:OSAWA Hirotaka, Introduction for Human-Agent Interaction
  2. 14:00-15:00: Mohammad OBAID, Designing Human-Agent Interaction
  3. 15:00-15:30: break
  4. 15:30-16:30: Omar MUBIN, How to make good society with HAI? from viewpoint of virtuous robotics
  5. 16:30-17:00: Panel talk, Chairperson MIYAMOTO Dohjin


Human-Agent Interaction, Social Robotics, Virtual Agent, Artificial Intelligence, Affective Computing, Persuasive Technology