Aug. 15-19 Dublin Worldcon Anthology "Intelligence, Artificial and Human: Eight Science Fiction Tales by Japanese Authors"


We will distribute an anthology "Intelligence, Artificial and Human: Eight Science Fiction Tales by Japanese Authors" in Dublin, Worldcon Hal-con booth. This anthology is edited by the AI x SF Project (Updating Power of Imagination: Artificial Intelligence with Design Fiction). We selected and translated eight short stories, originally published in academic periodicals of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. Through studies in multiple fields, our project aims to explore the various forms of interaction between AI and the imagination made possible only in science fiction. This anthology is one of our projects. With such imagination in our minds, we hope to update our ability to imagine society in the future. Below works is shown in this anthology.

  • Taiyo Fujii (藤井 太洋), "Prayer" (祈り/Inori), translated by Kamil Spychalski
  • Motoko Arai (新井 素子), "The Clearing Robot" (お片づけロボット/Okatazuke Robot), translated by Rachel Lam
  • Kei Zushi (図子 慧), "Downgrading" (ダウンサイジング/Downsizing), translated by Tony McNicol
  • Jyouji Hayashi (林 譲治), "Concession" (投了/Toryo), translated by Daniel Huddleston
  • Fumio Takano (高野 史緒), "Barcarolle" (舟歌/Funauta), translated by Sharni Wilson
  • Tadashi Ohta (太田 忠司), "My Six Months With Taku" (タクと過ごした半年間と/ Taku to Sugoshita Hantoshikanto), translated by Angelo Wong
  • Yusuke Miyauchi (宮内 悠介), "Night Flight" (夜間飛行/Yakan hiko), translated by Mark Gibeau
  • Hiroyuki Morioka (森岡 浩之), "Fill the heavens!" (産めよ、増えよ、天に満ちよ/ Uemyo, Fueyo, Ten ni Michiyo), translated by Simon Varnam
  • Cover and layout design by YOUCHAN

Enjoy these tales.

Hirotaka Osawa
Editor, and AI x SF project Leader

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