2019/9/13 Cooperative Event on Miraikan "Imagination x Science - Imagining the Future Created by Artificial Intelligence"


『Detroit: Become Human』より
David Cage
Yoichiro Miyake
Hirotaka Osawa

With the theme "Science fiction's vision of an AI society" we invite 3 creators and researchers who are deeply involved with artificial intelligence to discuss how the relationship between artificial intelligence and us will evolve, taking as a theme the future depicted in 'Detroit: Become Human', a game that received a great response worldwide.

What kind of society is waiting for us in the highly developed future of artificial intelligence? Science fiction (science fiction) has presented a wide variety of possibilities for future society. Such visions of the future sometimes stimulate scientists and engineers, and new science and technology born from them in turn stimulate creators and create new stories. Science fiction may have a hint to imagine the future society.

Speakers David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, wrote and directed the video game 'Detroit: Become Human'. This work depicts a near-future society in which artificial intelligence and robotics technology have advanced to such an extent that androids can act on equal or better than humans. How did you create this view of the world? And I'd like you to talk about the problem consciousness that works present to society.

Lead AI researcher Yoichiro Miyake of Square Enix has been working on the use of artificial intelligence in various digital games. In our game series "FINAL FANTASY XV" (Final Fantasy 15) and (Square Enix, 2016) we have expanded the range of expression by controlling characters with artificial intelligence, and made it possible to increase the character's presence. How close is artificial intelligence in the real world to that in 'Detroit: Become Human'? Mr. Miyake will talk about the state of the art and future prospects of artificial intelligence research that goes beyond game AI.

Hirotaka Osawa of the University of Tsukuba's System Information Division is studying the influence of science fiction on the development of artificial intelligence technology. At the same time, we are exploring how to design a society in order to make the most of highly developed artificial intelligence and robots in the future. Dr. Osawa will talk about some of the tips that science fiction provides to help us imagine a future society.

How will the rapid development of artificial intelligence change our lives? What role do we play in society at that time? Let's expand our imagination for the future based on the worldview of the work created by creators and the latest research results pioneered by researchers.

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